Your Impact

AU$ Donated

50% to Siem Reap Food Bank

Funds used to help feed artisans and their families.

Number of monthly food packs purchased

50% to Ability Fair Trade Village

Funds used to assist artisans with cost of living expenses.

Financial Reports

We take our not-for-profit commitment very seriously. As well as providing an annual report, we will also provide brief quarterly updates to show how artisan gifts and customer purchases are making a direct impact on improving the lives of disadvantaged artisans living in developing countries.

Financial Information

How expenses are calculated

  • Overheads (currently 15%) are calculated on sales only, not donations. Overheads cover running costs such as; website hosting, printing, stationary, packaging, utilities, bank fees and other essential costs for running the CAP online shop.
  • Cost of materials for commissioned products. To ensure the CAP Shop has a base stock we commission a limited range of products made by local crafters. CAP pays the cost of the materials for the base stock and the artisans gift their time and expertise to create the product

International money transfers

To optimise the amount of money the recipents receive our minimum transfer amount is AU$500. This means less bank fees are paid to both our Australian bank and the Cambodian bank.

1 December 2021 to 31 March 2022

Note: Profit AU$93 held in account and will be transferred when we reach the minimum transfer amount (AU$500).

18 October to 30 November 2021

Profits transferred to Ability Fair Trade Village bank account, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Note: Banks in Cambodia charge an international transfer fee on incoming funds. Fee approx. US$20 for this transaction.