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How can I check that this site connection is secure?

The padlock icon next to the URL indicates that a site is secure. Click on the icon to see the security information, cookies, and settings.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are tiny pieces of information stored on your computer by web pages that you visit. There are different types of cookies. For example User Cookies and Commenter Cookies.

If you create an account on this website you must enable cookies in your browser to be able to log into your account. WordPress cookies contain #hashed data to protect your username & password. 

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Can I talk to someone about gifting to the CAP Shop?

If you would like to talk to us about gifting to the CAP Shop complete our EoI Form and we will contact you to discuss our Gifting process.

How can I gift some of my creative work to CAP?

Full details about Gifting to the CAP Shop can be found on the following pages:

Do you have a list of the artisans who have gifted to the CAP Shop?

A full list of the Artisans who have gifted product(s) to the CAP Shop (past and present), with links to their website (where appropriate).

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