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Gifted to CAP Shop

Maureen has gifted a variety of artwork to the CAP Shop.

Artisan: Maureen Lipa

As a watercolour artist, Maureen seeks to authentically express her emotional connection to nature. She adores the natural landscape and in particular, the majesty of trees. She is incessantly curious and continuously searches for new ways to combine watercolours with mixed media and unusual surfaces. As Maureen creates, the phrase, “I wonder…..” floats in her inner landscape ultimately leading to works that are as unorthodox as they are traditional.

Maureen is an adventurous artist and a scientific explorer, who embraces the best of both worlds. Maureen strongly believes in the healing power of art and loves teaching others and seeing the joy that art adds to their life.

Learn with Maureen at Melville Arts @ Artwell House, Alfred Cove, or Canning Arts Group, Riverton.