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About: Little Miss Peggy

Beautiful handmade gifts. Specialising in: Handmade fairies, lavender rice hearts, tooth fairy kits, crocheted dreamcatchers and mini mannequin pin cushions. Can be made to order.

More examples of Gerda's creative work

Artisan: Gerda Pretorius

Gerda studied a Domestic Science Teacher degree, that involved learning how to create a variety of handicraft items using different mediums. As a result of her studies she really appreciates the time, effort and skill that goes into creating any handmade product.

Gerda started her handcrafted business after making dream catchers for her son’s wedding. Later she started making little fairies with her grand-daughter and like many artisans ended up with a houseful of handmade items. Gerda primarily sells her products at local markets around Perth.

She makes her faires with and without painted faces. She said parents and grandparents usually buy the ones with painted faces. But when children get to pick their own fairy they often select the ones without the faces painted as they like to paint a personalised face onto their fairy.