Hobby Crafters

Hobby crafters are makers who do not usually sell their creations direct to the public. They are people who enjoy crafting as a hobby who have gifted their creative work(s) to the CAP Shop. Or people who regularly gift their time and expertise to create specific products to sell on the CAP Shop. Our sincere thanks to all the caring and compassionate makers who are contributing their creations to the CAP Shop to help disadvantaged artisans in developing countries.

On each of the Hobby Crafter Cards below you will find a link to view the makers brief profile and the products they have gifted to, or made for, the CAP Shop as well as links to their craft websites (where appropriate).

We encourage visitors not only to buy their unique handmade products from the CAP Shop but to also visit their social media or community websites to read more about their creative hobbies.

Artisan/Maker Gifting

If you are an artisan or hobby crafter and would like to gift one (or a few) of your product(s), please read the Gifting to CAP Shop page.

WA Hobby Crafters


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Glass Art / Crochet

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Quilting / Textiles / Dyeing