Gifting Procedure

1. Read the CAP Artisan Gift Policy. When you gift a product to the CAP Shop you automatically accept and agree to our Artisan Gift Policy.

2. Submit an Expression of Interest (EoI). When we receive your EoI we will contact you (by phone or email) to discuss what you would like to gift and delivery details.

We will create your free My Account and email your username & temporary password.

3. When you receive your username & password, please log in to your My Account and check that your details are correct. You can edit your details when you login.

You can provide your own images to display on the product page OR we will take photos when we receive your product. If you want to submit your own images (optional), please read the Product Image Specifications.

Product Image Specifications

If you prefer to provide the image(s) please prepare your images for upload before completing the Product Description form.

Image requirements:

  • 1 product image (essential)
  • + 3 gallery images (optional)

Image specifications:

  • Image dimensions: Square – preferably 510px * 510px
  • file size: less than 200kb
  • the product is the main focus of the image
  • use a plain uncluttered background & minimal props

File name format:  yourname-product-name.jpg  |  EXAMPLE: jennip98-crochet-rug-waves.jpg

How to upload your images: Instructions on how to upload your image(s) is included in the Product Description Form.

4. Complete and submit the product description form. Once we receive your product details we will add your product(s) to the CAP Shop and email you the links to your pages.

When you receive the links to your product page(s), please check that all details are correct. If you would any changes, please email us 🙂

We look forward to working with you to help promote your products to Australian shoppers!