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Cushions printed with her artwork

About: Julie Fearns-Pheasant

Julie is an artist/illustrator and educator who started on her artistic journey at a very young age. Julie has been an arts educator for over twenty years in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education. She has held many solo exhibitions and participated in numerous joint, artist collectives and community-based art trails and projects.Working in several methods and techniques, her works are figurative with themes related to body image, human relationships and the self.

Julie currently works with graduate teachers, teaching authentic art curriculum. She also assists JAK Films with storyboards, production design and concept drawings and is an expert in digital enhancement.


  • B.A. Fine Arts
  • Grad. Dip Art Education
  • Masters in Cross Disciplinary Arts and Design.


Julie has won several international art awards, including 5 gold medals in the International Abilympics when she represented Australia over a span of 6 years.

    More examples of Julie's creative work


    Julie is an active participant in the Armadale Arts Community.

    • 2021 – Participant in the Humans of Armadale project where she shares her story to show others with ‘life labels’, that labels are not necessarily negative but life essences.
    • 2021 – Festival artists: Julie designed and ran a series of community workshop for young people.
    • 2020 – Creatives During Isolation and Beyond – bearking down the winter moments and creating instead