I recently had the pleasure of attending this workshop at Pollard Designs in Bedfordale, a studio run by mother and daughter team Trudi and Helena Pollard. Having firstly been given permission (nay directed!!) to think of ART and only ART and to leave usual our daily problems at the gate, we were them immersed for two days in the history and techniques associated with Shibori and Natural Indigo Dyeing.

Trudi is very generous with her knowledge, as is Helena, gained from a lifetime of study and took us through the techniques used to create her wonderful works of art, including wearable art. Trudi took us through the different Shibori techniques of stitching, wrapping and folding used to produce different patterns when the fabric is dyed.

The photos above show some of the techniques. Photo 1 shows folding over geometric shapes on the left and wrapping around a plastic champagne cork (R). Photo 2 top left has been folded and stitched to form a flower shape and the other two are stitched patterns. Photo 3 both have been rolled around rope. the colour lessens towards the centre as the dye does not penetrate far through the fabric layers. The piece on the left was in Trudi’s 8-year-old vat, its working well!

We were given insights into how to make and maintain our own indigo vat to keep it “alive”. Trudi has one vat that is eight-year-old and still going strong. Trudi and Helena also provided us with a range of fabric to use so we could see the effects of natural versus synthetic fibres.

Synthetic blend fabric showing very limited uptake of the indigo dye,

It was a fabulous two days with a fabulous group of people, topped off by Pollard Designs becoming one of our Gifter Artisans (YAY!) and donating an indigo-dyed, silk organza scarf for the CAP Shop. The silk is from Cambodia and woven by a women’s collective in Phom Penh that is supported by Helena and Trudi. Watch this space for a profile blog about them!

Interview by 89.7 FM’s In Good Company

It has been a busy fortnight! After the workshop I was interview by Lou and Lisa, co-hosts of 89.7FM’s In Good Company and a delightful pair of ladies. They provided an opportunity for me to speak to a wider audience to promote the Cre8iveArtisans Pod and our very generous Gifter Artisans. You can listen to a recording of the interview at //capwa.online/news/. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link.

Lisa and Lou on air at 89.7FM

I was also able to let listeners know that we plan to be at two markets in the near future. This Sunday, 24 July, we will be at the Stirling Markets, Cedric Street just off the Mitchell Freeway, and Saturday 6 August we will be at Flinders Square Shopping Centre. Hope to see you all there!!