Given the amount of abuse by scammers, having an online store sometimes means you run into problems with people questioning whether or not you are a credible business. I can totally empathise with our clientele on this point. How do you trust that when you hit send, the person selling to you is trustworthy and will deliver on the goods? I have not had a bad experience but there are quite a few of us who have. So, how do you convince people you are reputable?

Photo Credits: Nataliya Vaitkevich (left) and Tara Winstead (right)

Jenni and I take the time to speak personally to many artisans about our mission, and they help to spread the word. Whenever we receive positive reviews we upload these to our social media sites, so people hear from others that we are trustworthy. We have started to speak at Rotary Clubs and are approaching community radio about presenting to their audiences. It all takes time but is necessary in cementing our reputation. We would be very interested to know what others have done to address this. Please add your thoughts in the comments below.

To further develop trust in our brand and let a wider audience know about our mission, Jenni and I held a stall at the Perth City Farm Winter Market. This way we could let people see us and the products we sell, and understand that we are real, not scammers!

Perth City Farm Winter Market

People were generally friendly and interested in what we had to say. It was great to speak to so many people interested in our donated items and happy to support our endeavour. A number of others, although not buying, were interested in our concept and supported the idea of Artisans in WA supporting artisans living with a disability in Cambodia. We look forward to them becoming future online customers.

One of our newest Gifter Artisans, Samara Kemp, came and helped out at the stall too. She was able to give people the Gifter Artisan point of view, adding to our standing as a reputable, not-for-profit organisation.

We held a door prize, a magnificent suncatcher donated by Jenni, and the winning ticket was drawn by Rocio, the amazing Perth City Farm Markets Coordinator.

We were also able to have a child’s lucky dip though a donation from Marianne Downsborough, a Hobby Crafter, of Stirling silver rings and bracelets.

We had a great day, there is a strong community feel about the market. It was fabulous to see the respect held by all the other stall holders towards each other too. Many of the stall holders that we spoke to were very interested in our concept and are looking forward to becoming Gifter Artisans.

New Gifter Artisans

This week we are also very pleased to welcome our two new Gifter Artisans:

  • Samara Kemp of Samara Art Perth, an Alcohol Ink Artist.
  • Lauren Elliott from Little Mushroom Field. Lauren works mostly in polymer clay and holds workshops to teach her craft as well.

Look out for a future blog about these two fabulous artisans. Their gifted items can be found here .

Don’t forget that we have 10% off some products for Christmas in July, and there is still free shipping (standard postage) within Australia for orders $50.00 and over.