This week is Australian Made week 6-12 June. What is all the hoo-ha you may ask?

Well, to start with, buying Australian made increases the viability of local manufacturing, with flow on effects across the supply chain. Over 67% of all Australian businesses are family owned, and small business is one of the largest employers in Australia.

When I was much younger (last century!) there was a cultural cringe against “Australian Made” and we would loudly proclaim “our products cannot be good enough, they’re rubbish!” I remember trying to convince our local hospitals to buy Australian made, “oh no” they said “the quality is not good enough!”.

Not so anymore. Around 93% of Australians believe we need a sustainable manufacturing base and 75% are concerned that so much of what is available in our shops is made overseas. The government, through initiatives such as the Cooperative Research Program, has funded serious research into different manufacturing sectors. State and Federal business support programs are also available. Together we can do this!

Australians are increasingly aware that buying local reduces many of the issues experienced, including lack of supply, when sourcing from outside Australia. The recent pandemic highlighted issues related to our heavy reliance on overseas supply.  It also highlighted to me how much of our discretionary income goes offshore to the detriment of local industry. I have started to consciously identify if a product is Australian Made and will seek a local alternative if it is not. There is usually a price differential but if it is within my means to pay the additional amount, I will.

The Australian Made logo is recognized by 99% of Australians so, as a maker, consider accessing the logo to go on your products. The 2021 campaign saw an increase of 70% Australians prioritizing Australian made products. More information is available on the Australian Made website.

Cre8ive Artisans Pod proudly promotes WA handmade and we encourage you to either purchase locally made goods from our shop or use the links to go to the Artisans sites/social media to see more of your favourites.