Originally from Songkat, a village near Pnomh Penh, Ly is a self taught artist who suffered from polio as a small child. He was left paralysed in both legs and, not having transport to get to Highschool School, Kim Ly finished school at sixth grade.

Now based in Siem Reap and in his mid-fifties, Kim Ly has been able to support his family for many years through the sale of his artwork. Kim Ly is married to Ghet Sokern, and they have one son, Hout Tithseyha. Kim Ly is training his son and nephew in his art form and once they are proficient he is keen to retire to farming.

Inspired by daily life in Cambodia, its people, countryside and temples, Kim Ly is proficient in oils, watercolour and pencil. His pieces offer insight into, not only the landscape of the Kingdom, but also the quiet beauty of her people. I love the sense of movement he portrays in his stylised pieces.

Kim Ly said he was delighted to sell his paintings through Ability Fair Trade Village (AFTV). He was very supportive of AFTVs focus on helping disabled people to become independent through meaningful work and obtaining a fair price for their work, giving them a ”hand up not a handout”. The closure of AFTV, and the loss of the tourist trade, due to COVID has made life for Kim Ly and his family more difficult and he is one of the artisans living with a disability who is being assisted by the Siem Reap Food Bank, established by AFTV.

Kim Ly is looking forward to the opening of AFTV’s online shop, which will help him produce and sell more paintings and further develop his art. We will keep you posted on the progress of AFTV’s online venture, we’re very excited about it!