Vutha was born in Kampong Chhnang, during the final years of the civil war in Cambodia, ,and contracted polio at a very young age. His family nicknamed him “Muon”, which means healthy, because they believed that he would survive the virus that has left him with a paralysed leg.

Vutha is an artist and he was very happy that his unique hand-painted pictures could be sold at Ability Fair Trade Village (AFTV) as it provided him with the opportunity to generate an income to support his studies. With the closure of AFTV and the downturn in the tourist trade due to COVID 19, this has become much more difficult.

Coming from a loving and supportive family, Vutha completed his Bachelor of Arts Accounting (Cambodia University for Specialities, Siem Reap) and MBA (Build Bright University, Siem Reap). Vutha also received an Australian Awards Cambodia Scholarship to study English for Academic Purposes at the Australian Centre for Education.

Vutha worked as a Project Officer on the Humanity & Inclusion project “A Good Governance and Social Accountability Project of Rights & Inclusion”. He is now continuing his studies at home and was recently commissioned to write a chapter for co-authored a journal article: Safety and Health for Garment Workers in Cambodia during the COVID-19 Pandemic, published in the INSPIR Asia Journal. Issue: Safety and health is a fundamental right at work (October 2021). Vutha’s article identified the OSH issues facing garment workers, especially women, in Cambodia.

Vutha volunteers his time and expertise to help AFTV and the Siem Reap Food Bank (SRFB). SRFB is seeking registration as an NGO and Vutha has translated the hundreds of pages of English documents into Khmer text. He also provided Khmer translations for all the content on the Lifecycle Cambodia and SRFB websites.

Vutha is a strong advocate for people with disabilities and families impacted by the COVID economic crisis. He undertook the 2020 Lifecycle ride from Pnomh Penh to Siem Reap in support of SRFB.

Vutha is married to Srey Pov and they have two gorgeous boys: Vutharath is 7 years old and is in Grade 1 and Sophanith, who is 5 years old and just enrolled in pre-school.