Jenni and I are beyond excited!! Today we have made our first donation of AUD$1,000 to the Ability Fair Trade Village (AFTV), and we have only been open since October!!

Thank you to our fabulous Gifter Artisans and to you, our wonderful community, who have supported our WA Artisans by purchasing their products! Without your support this transfer to AFTV could not have happened.


How was the donation raised and how will it be distributed? Check out the graphic below, and also view our website, which now has a “Your Impact” page detailing this for you.


Fifty percent of the funding will go in support of the Siem Reap Food Bank, established by Naret Chhoy, Executive Director AFTV, in response to the devastating effects of the global COVID lockdowns.

The remainder of the donation will go to artisans living with disabilities in Siem Reap to help them re-establish their businesses as Cambodia heads towards opening up its borders again.

The AFTV Village Shop provided a platform for Khmer Artisans living with disabilities to sell their products but it had to close due to COVID restrictions and resulted in great financial hardship. Artisans now need funds to purchase the necessary resources to express their talent and re-stock their craft, whether that be jewellery making, artwork, clothing and accessories, or carving, to name a few. Like any business, overheads such as water and electricity also need to be covered and some funding will be used for this also.

Some of the talented Khmer Artisans and their work

WA Handmade Community

As part of our commitment to the WA Handmade Community, we also promote local Events and Exhibitions. There are plenty coming up in December so buy local WA handmade gifts this Christmas!! You can view our Gifter Artisans products on our Shop page and there are links to their pages, where you will find more of the things you love!

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It is truly surreal that we have been able to achieve this milestone in such a short time. We had expected it would take 6-12 months to reach this point, so thank you again. Obviously, we want to keep the momentum going so if you have any ideas on how we can do this please let us know!