ME Freight Management Directors,  Clayton Erwin and Luisa Mollan, were thinking about buying Christmas hampers as gifts for their corporate clients this year. After looking at what was available they decided that “pre-made hampers did not offer good value for money”. They were familiar with Jenni’s volunteer work supporting vulnerable Cambodian Artisans and knew that the Cre8ive Artisans Pod (CAP) online shop had just opened. After perusing the CAP website, they decided to purchase some unique handmade items created by local WA artisans and make up their own Christmas baskets.

Thank you Luisa and Clayton, your support is greatly appreciated, probably wider than you know. Not only are you helping promote the creative work of talented WA Artisans, you have also ensured that the Cre8ive Artisans Pod (CAP) is well on the way to making our first funds transfer to give a hand up to disadvantaged artisans in Cambodia. Jenni & I couldn’t be more thrilled, we never expected to be able to do this within the first month of launching our not-for-profit shop! Like most small business startups we expected it would take at least 6-12 months to build up our gifter artisan and customer bases before we would start to see any profits.

Clayton & Luisa also purchased a beautiful watercolour gifted by Maureen Lipa to decorate their new ME Freight Management office. We had only just received this gift and didn’t have time to showcase it before they snapped it up! But we have more original artworks by Maureen and other gifter artists available on the CAP Shop. A couple of our gifter artists have recently won awards for their exceptional artworks. You can read about the awards in our recent blog posts: Armadale Society of Artists – Winners! and WaterColour Society of WA – Winner.   

The Cre8ive Artisans Pod goal is to encourage people to buy local and help make a positive influence on improving the lives of our global neighbours who are struggling to provide for their families. We obviously want people to purchase items from the CAP Shop, but we also want to act as a gateway to help people discover the diverse range of amazing handmade items created by WA artisans. 

If you are a socially conscious corporation, or individual who would like to give back to the community, have a look at the If you see something you like that is not in stock, or have a specific product in mind that is not currently on the Shop we would be very interested to hear from you to discuss how we might assist you.