Sydney Phillips was one of the first artisans to donate to the Cre8tive Artisans Pod Shop and is our first Indigenous Artist.

Sydney is a proud Aboriginal artist, who is also a descendant of Western Australia’s first Surveyor General John Septimus Roe, and uses painting to connect both sides of his family history, Ballardong and Wadjala (ref Red Bubble). His inspirational life story can be found at Humans of Armadale Project.

Sydney’s story is testament to his persistence – “can’t give it up” as he says. He pulled himself out of a downward spiral, which nearly saw the end of his art, and now “my art hangs at the Waterwheel Gallery, I’m Tenant Artist and Ambassador for Housing Choices Australia, I’m contracted to design coffee cups for Change Please, I’ve done a fair bit of public speaking and I’ve even met Sally Morgan”.

The story tracing his heritage has been made into a documentary by JAK Films and a shortened version can be found on YouTube