WOW! Finally, we have launched our online retail store for you at CAPWA Shop. It has been quite a journey but so worth it! Thank you to our fantastic and generous Gifter Artisans, both for your support of this concept and for donating such an incredible range of quality products to our store. 

How did we get here you may ask? Well, our motivations are pretty much outlined on the website in About Us , but why an online shop? When you come down to it, the shop builds on our innate strengths. We have both had a number of career directions and we bring a range of skills, knowledge and experience to the Pod to assist our goal of promoting WA Artisans and the value of unique handcrafted products. Jenni has a strong background in sales and marketing from her initial career in the travel industry before moving into the training and education sector. She ran her own training business for many years and then moved into academia. She has over 15 years experience teaching others how to use a range of social media tools and develop their online presence. From an early start in horticulture, Linda has 30 plus years involvement in economic development, focusing on science and technology industries, followed by 10 years managing university research contracts. Outside of work, Linda and Jenni have been closely involved with community groups.

We decided to combine our strengths to assist our friends in Cambodia. Plus, we are both creative crafters! Being a Penny and a Parker, we joked about calling the Shop “2Ps…in a pod” but felt this did not really convey what we were about. So, we continued brainstorming and the Cre8ive Artisans Pod was born!

We look forward to working with WA Artisans, growing the Pod into a thriving creative community space and assisting vulnerable artisans in the process. Check out who we support to see how and where profits will be used.