Last weekend, Linda & enjoyed the lovely spring weather while we were out visiting some of the talented artisans that participated on the Armadale Hills Open Studio Arts Trail.

We didn’t have enough time to visit everyone, as 38 artisans exhibited this year. But we managed to visit about a dozen studios and enjoyed seeing some of the fabulous creative works that the artisans had on display.

There were so many beautiful items that Linda & I had to restrain ourselves from buying something at every studio! But of course we couldn’t resist buying a few items for Christmas presents and ourselves. We both wished we had unlimited funds so that we could buy something from everyone.

During our visits, Linda & I also chatted to the artisans about their work and enjoyed listening to their stories. After we launch the CAP Shop to customers we will share our Gifter Artisans’ stories here in this blog so come back and read about their creative passions and products!